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Peggy Pardon started out in New York city's lower east side, as a high-end vintage boutique specializing in early vintage Victorian thru the 1940's. After closing up shop a few years ago I decided to resurrect Peggy Pardon in 2016. You see my long time love affair for pretty little things has never waned. This time around I wanted to focus on hand-crafted jewelry both new & vintage. 

Peggy Pardon is a collection of delicate and beautifully hand-crafted jewelry.  I'm a firm believer that a great piece of jewelry speaks volumes about who you are and what your about. So what does my jewelry say about me? I prefer the road less traveled!

What's in a name: Who's Peggy Pardon? Is your real name Margaret?  Ummm No, but you can call me Sasha.

'Peggy Pardon' is something I said as a child in lieu of 'beg your pardon'. When deciding upon a name it was really a no brainer. Mind you, everyone calls me Peg but I kinda dig it! 

Love ~ Sasha Huetz